Autobiography & Non Fiction

Strike, Strike, Strike

An autobiography from the front line of policing in the United Kingdom….

The true story of a sixteen years old boy from a city in the north who joined his local police force…

From tea-maker to spy catcher, from errand boy to counter terrorist detective.


A Global book for a Global family….
This is a true story which traces the Scougal family of names to the land of their origin. From the beginning of recorded history this book visits ‘Scougal’ in South East Scotland during the Iron Age before identifying the real roots of the family name. Via Mynddog the Wealthy, the Votadini tribe, the Roman occupation, the Anglo Saxon Invasion, the Old North of ‘Hen Ogledd’, Bernica, the Angles, the Norman Conquest, Magna Carta, and the wars of Scottish Independence the work dissects the history of our people. To penetrate the Scougal heritage the Battles of Carham, Bannockburn and Flodden are examined.

Authorship Demystified

How many individuals enter the world of writing in the dark – unsure of what happens next – and how to proceed? Do you need an editor to check and perhaps revitalise your work? Do you need a coat of varnish to make your work shine that little bit more? Or do you have a trusted friend who can tear your manuscript to pieces without hurting your inner soul? Have you selected a book cover? Or are you able to design an image yourself with the help of your friends and family? Well, the answers to those questions depend on which route you decide to take in the days ahead, and which method of publication you choose to follow.

Welcome to the wonderful world of writing. All one needs to do now is demystify the route ahead. Let me tell you my story, share my experience, and attempt to signal the various ways forward that you might choose.