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Paul Anthony is a brilliant writer and an outstanding gentleman who goes out of his way to help and look out for others. Paul does a wonderful job of portraying the era in which we live with its known and unknown fears. I highly recommend this intelligent and kind gentleman to all. Jeannie Walker, Award-winning author/songwriter and freelance writer. True Crime novelist

A real life Jack Bauer who is also an author! Awesome books. Lisa Thomas-Author

REVIEWS: Paul Anthony… 

‘One of the best thriller and mystery writers in the United Kingdom today’… Caleb Pirtle 111, International Best Selling Author of over 60 novels, journalist, travel writer, screenplay writer, and Founder and Editorial Director at Venture Galleries.

‘Paul Anthony is one of the best Thriller Mystery Writers of our times!’ Dennis Sheehan, International Best Selling Author of ‘Purchased Power’, former United States Marine Corps.

This guy not only walks the talk, he writes it as well. Thrillers don’t get any better than this. An excellent author whose stories reek with authenticity….. Paul Tobin, Author, Poet and Broadcaster

Words from a real detective…
Martin R Jackson, UK Novelist
A great author & one of the nicest people in the industry!
Amber Skye, American Novelist

This is one tough man o’ mystery. Kate Pilarcik, Author of suspense novels