Davies King Detective Tales

Paul Anthony Book

Harbour Lights

Paul Anthony describes the story of a murder in a seaside town on the shores of the English Channel. According to the elite in the local constabulary, there’s no great mystery involved since it’s an open and shut case. The Establishment has made its decision.

But when Detective Chief Inspector Davies King opens a murder investigation following the discovery of a body in the harbour, he is devastated to learn that a close friend is the main suspect. Who else could it be? Publicly, the hardnosed chess-playing detective doesn’t see things the same way as others and remembers how a colleague who is involved in the enquiry once made a crucial mistake. With the authorities against him, Davies musters a handpicked bunch of detectives to destroy the gossip and unearth the evidence.
Paul Anthony Breakwater


When an unexpected earthquake in the English Channel unwittingly presents the secrets of the past, a trail of bribery, corruption, kidnap and murder entangle the south coast detective, Davies King. As the mystery deepens, Davies investigates the connection between the escape of a handful of petty criminals from a prison van; a vicious murder, the unidentified treasures of a sunken ship in the English Channel, a corrupt American politician, and ‘organised crime’.

Moonlight Shadows

When Conor is betrayed, he spends the night hidden in the bracken surrounded by security forces hunting him down. As moonlight shadows flicker, he realises who is responsible. With his unit destroyed, Conor sets out for revenge.
But dark unspoken forces are at work and the track goes cold.
A decade later, Pegasus, a discredited British Intelligence Agent, produces a mysterious piece of computer software and demands reinstatement. The enigmatic software, carried in a memory stick, threatens to destabilise the world’s economy should it fall into the wrong hands.
Assured of peace, desperate to be home to be near her loved ones, Pegasus returns only to find herself plunged into a world where he who holds the software holds the future of the world in their hands.

Behead the Serpent

Compromising photographs discovered in a vacant office in central London are not immediately connected to a ferocious attack on Davies King. But when the campaign against the chief of detectives and his closest friends turns to blackmail, it becomes personal.
A series of horrendous bomb attacks and brutal shootings convince Davies to discharge himself from hospital and confront the two ‘most wanted’ criminals in the United Kingdom. Disillusioned with a temporary chief constable, and anxious to relieve a stressed out bomb disposal officer, the chess playing detective joins forces with British Intelligence to challenge the megalomaniacs who are holding the nation to ransom.

The Conchenta Conundrum

Two beautiful and mysterious women are murdered in the same week. The local police chief believes the killings are the work of one man and instructs his officers to bring about a swift conclusion to the investigation. Davies King, the hardnosed, chess playing detective, reckons the game is much more complex and refuses to accept an apparent checkmate.