Chiari Warriors

This is an anthology of short stories by 18 authors from across the globe – the UK, the USA, Canada, and Europe – The tales they tell are both non fiction and fiction. Many are based on real life experiences. Others are based on vision and a wondrous source of imagination that these very special authors bring to their readers. Some of the stories they tell will make you cry, others will make you laugh. But some of their writing will actually terrify you when you realise that some of the accounts they recall are actually true stories from real events in their lives. Indeed, there’s something for everyone here: tales of love and war, of honour and disobedience, of hate and humour, of desire and desperation. They have produced a roller coaster of emotion on their journey to complete this anthology.


I am delighted to announce the publication of our Christmas Anthology ‘COPTALES’….
We thank you for your support in the past and hope you will find this one equally enjoyable. Police authors from Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, West Yorks, Lancashire, Arizona, Washington, Texas, Barcelona, Nerja, NYPD and Kentucky….ENJOY and have a great Christmas read….


An Anthology from retired and serving police officers from the United Kingdom and the United States of America whose collective experiences are almost too many to count. This has resulted in an eclectic mixture of short stories, poems, rhyming narrative and other short works which stretch from fantasy and young adult, to romantic through to satire and gritty crime thrillers.


Sunset is a collection of poetry tracing the life of a relaxed carefree
teenager in the Sixties to a man at the dawn of the Twenty First Century.
The journey captures an age of experiences; peaceful and pleasant,
violent and murderous. The voyage from one century to another smoothly
results in a unique portrayal of the era in which we live.

Scribbles with Chocolate

Welcome to Scribbles with Chocolate. A collection of short stories, poems and extracts to be read at leisure time and especially designed for use during a break, or when travelling from a to b.

Monsters, Gnomes and Fairies

Welcome to a wonderful collection of children’s stories and rhymes. Some of these masterful tales were originally discussed around a dining table in Gravesend, Kent, where G’Nigel the Gnome was born. Eventually, they were all dusted with an enchanting serving of mysterious particles and showered with a smidgen of ingenuity on the outskirts of the Lake District in Cumbria.