Harbour Lights

Paul Anthony Book

Paul Anthony describes the story of a murder in a seaside town on the shores of the English Channel. According to the elite in the local constabulary, there’s no great mystery involved since it’s an open and shut case. The Establishment has made its decision.

But when Detective Chief Inspector Davies King opens a murder investigation following the discovery of a body in the harbour, he is devastated to learn that a close friend is the main suspect. Who else could it be? Publicly, the hardnosed chess-playing detective doesn’t see things the same way as others and remembers how a colleague who is involved in the enquiry once made a crucial mistake. With the authorities against him, Davies musters a handpicked bunch of detectives to destroy the gossip and unearth the evidence.

Amidst the kiss-me-quick hats, candy floss, and holiday atmosphere, Davies King begins the fight back in the lounge bar of the Anchor pub near the harbour. It’s not long before Davies, Detective Inspector Annie Rock, Barney and the team have their eyes fixed on a trail of unproven possibilities that leads them to an international journey of intrigue and mystery. As Davies explains at his briefing, there’s money involved somewhere. What’s the killer’s motive? Betrayal? Love? Trust? Or the unseen power of organised crime? It’s a pyramid enquiry reveals the barfly of a detective and we’re lying at the bottom of a broad base. We need to climb to the top of the pyramid to discover the truth.

Except someone has lost the plot, has a different agenda, and sets out to destroy Davies King and his bid to prove the innocence of a falsely accused man. When the past meets the present, all hell breaks loose in the harbour. The tide is turning, but which way will it break on the beach?

Come and join the Murder Squad. Sit back and hold tight.

It’s a rollercoaster, and the investigation might just go around in a full circle and take you back to the original suspect. You’ll never know until the end. It’s another Davies King tale of suspense and intrigue that twists and beguiles the minds of those involved and presents a challenge that only a few can accept. A unique tale of a criminal investigation.

Reader’s Review: An engaging read that is full of action and a real page-turner. It grabs you in the beginning at the harbour and doesn’t let you go until the end. Very good indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A class of its own. (Meg Johnston)

Reader’s Review: I love a good detective story and this is a great one. Action-packed from start to finish. Strong, well-developed characters and a page-turner plot.  Harbour Lights is well written, compelling, and simply put – a great read. (Cody Pelletier, Author, illustrator and collector of signed novels, Dallas, Texas)

Reader’s Review: An alternative title might have been the Murder Squad handbook. What an intriguing and interesting plot, and not just the murder but a great insight into criminality that we sometimes forget and might not expect. (Kennedy Keighley, Scriptwriter and film director)

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