This story is inspired by and based upon, an account of a detective and an informant spanning twenty years. As the tale develops, you’ll need to live like a tramp for a while, eat on the hoof, fill the car’s glove compartment with chocolate bars and energy drinks, walk for miles, ride Tail End Charlie in a surveillance operation, end up abandoned and lost in the middle of nowhere, and meet someone in the most bizarre of situations who will tell you what’s going to happen next. This book is written as crime fiction but it contains a story within a story and embraces elements of true crime.

Based almost entirely in Cumbria, it’s a tale that takes you for a walk on the wild side, and might cause you to wonder how you can get out of the most dangerous situation you could ever imagine? Who trusts who, why, when, and where, and for how long? Particularly when there are bad apples in both camps. Very bad apples!

Mayhem and mystery dominate a life-changing story that deals with victory and defeat in equal proportion. Buckle up and join Maguire’s surveillance squad to find out what really happens on the wild side of policing. It’s a simple journey from A to B. What could possibly go wrong?

Reader’s Review: A fresh and captivating book that leaves other crime novels in the dust. A story inside a story. It’s a crime novels lover’s dream book. One of the best crime novels in our opinion that should be made into a crime fiction movie! A great modern detective novel and so much more. (Claire Bernard, The Author’s Leak, The Wordicle

Reader’s Review: SAPPHIRE can only be described as a diamond in literary terms. Paul Anthony has used his unrivalled knowledge of serious crime and counter-terrorist surveillance to create this exceptional thriller novel. The book provokes intrigue, a credible plot and… FIVE-STARS see #Goodreads (Martin R Jackson, novelist)

 Reader’s Review: Devastatingly brilliant…. The author captures the psychological impact of the relationship between the detective and a victim admirably. An excellent crime thriller. (Meg Johnston, Author and Book Critic)

Reader’s Review: Fabulous read! One of the author’s best. I couldn’t put it down once I’d started. I thought I was right in the middle of things, it was that good. (Pauline Livingston, Reader and Book Critic)

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