Sunset is a collection of poetry tracing the life of a relaxed carefree
teenager in the Sixties to a man at the dawn of the Twenty First Century.
The journey captures an age of experiences; peaceful and pleasant,
violent and murderous. The voyage from one century to another smoothly
results in a unique portrayal of the era in which we live.

From love and romance, war and peace, sorrow and surrender, to private
fears and unknown tears, the Cumbrian policeman,detective, and novelist, Paul Anthony delivers a roller-coaster of poetic

REVIEW: The Cumberland News,
 From boy to man in seventy seven poems…  emotion in his third book, Sunset.

WOW!! Is all I can say! The heart-touching poems in this book depicts so much of the poet’s life as a police officer. Some of the poems brought tears to my eyes and some brought smiles, but it’s the emotion Paul has for poetry that really shows through his work. His talent overcomes most contemporary poets I read today! I give him great credit and kudos for sharing his story between the lines of each poem, where all good and bad things lie in life and poetry. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, just grab a good cup of coffee and enjoy!

It is my opinion that SUNSET by Paul Anthony is a very touching and wonderful collection of poetry from an author who has experience and has worked with teenagers and adults alike. Mr. Anthony does a wonderful job of portraying the era in which we live with its known and unknown fears.
The author uses his expertise as a crime-fighter to depict the diversity of emotions both good and bad that we all share in common with one another.
I encourage all to read it when you get a chance.
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