The Fragile Peace

A thriller of violent prejudices and divided loyalties. About the province where no-one talks, this story tells it like it is. This Ulster novel reaches to the very roots of sectarian life and death. From Damien who runs the local IRA brigade to Antonia, an undercover spy, to the hardman Eugene, to the life story of troublesome Liam, the tale weaves these lives together to provide a gripping plot.

Written by a member of the security forces, it penetrates behind the media-screen to reveal a human landscape that is unknown, yet startlingly believable. It is a world where sworn enemies may exchange confidences over a game of snooker; where a kneecapping operation turns into a deadly vendetta fuelled by sexual jealousy and where the fate of the United Kingdom could rest in the hands of one punch drunk bruiser with a dangerous addiction.  Everything is here, from the glamour of hi-tech intelligence work to the despairing pub-talk of men locked in the past. Trace the origins of these relentless tit-for-tat killings, often starting in childhood and see how the lives of vastly different people may by mysteriously linked forever against the fatally beautiful backdrop of Northern Ireland. From January 2021, the kindle version is offered for sale at 99 pence in the UK store and comparatively elsewhere. 

Reader’s Review: I first met the author when he was writing this book. Many books later it’s fabulous to see him now as a highly respected and successful author he has become. Paul has a personal understanding of the subject he writes about which brings an authenticity to a fictional character pool so that it’s easy to forget that it’s fiction and not a journal, it’s that real. I know him well enough that if his work were rubbish, I’d tell him. But it’s not. Buy it, read it, tell your friends about it….then repeat with the next one…… Brian James White, Reader, musician and entertainer.

N.B: The Fragile Peace was the author’s debut novel. Written in 1994, the work was published in 1996. It is the author’s best selling book of all time and has sold 25,000 copies in hardback alone. Ten years after publication, when the author declined to renew the publishing contract, he went independent and all previous reviews were removed from the reading platforms when a new ISBN was issued under the kindle format under the author’s imprint of Paul Anthony Associates. The novel is still available in print and kindle. Although the writer’s style has changed tremendously over the years, this novel remains an ever-popular favourite for Kindle readers because the story is as relevant today as it was when first written.

2020… Currently ‘under option’ for a film production….


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