The Journey

A tale of love and hate, blackmail, and power and corruption. The Journey is the story of a tripartite conference on trade, counterterrorism, societal reform, and human rights. But it all goes wrong and succumbs to unexpected chaos following a succession of events that begin in the swamps of a far-off country and end in Cumbria.

When mysterious individuals travel from afar it doesn’t take long to realise that some of the vicious rebels amongst them plan mass murder and destruction. On the same journey, a bunch of well-known crooks plan to retire to a life in the sun. They all carry a secret that defines every decision they take. Not all of them complete the nightmare journey for there is a skeleton in the cupboard that can only be disentangled in the Lake District. When the survivors meet on the shores of Ullswater, the secret is up for grabs.

Are schoolchildren just youngsters growing up, or are they a bartering chip in negotiations? Do all terrorists want their words to be heard, or can they be blackmailed into silence? Perhaps, there is something else on the terrorist’s mind? Can all our leaders be trusted? Are there any secrets that need to be exposed, on both sides of the fence?

What would you do to win, to be rich, to be free from the shackles of the past for the rest of your life? Would you share the secret, barter it for a way out, or take it to your grave?

Pre-Publication Review: One of the most powerful and emotive pieces of fiction I have read in a long time. It’s a mystery, that’s for sure. But so realistic, it could even be true. All the way to the end. The author is at his best in this one. Long-awaited but pure perfection. Loved it.
(Kennedy Keeley, film director, scriptwriter, freelance writer)

(All proceeds from this venture will be donated to OVARIAN CANCER ACTION)

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