A fictional novel based on personal experience about how the enemy uses spies and delusion to bring about the downfall of a targetted individual. A recent review in a reader’s forum described the story as ‘timely’ and ‘up to date’…. Yet it was written during ‘Lockdown’. Espionage like you’ve never met before… and may never ever wish to meet…

The story is about someone who gets locked up but not by the police. So who has the keys to the cells in the basement? Who has been kidnapped?

Read about the circus in town. But there’s also an arsonist. a diamond smuggler, a murderer, an informant, and a man on the verge of suicide. Will they all meet? There are two prizes to play for. One is a globally important computerised system. The other is freedom.

This incomparable novel tells the story of individual people all doing various things in different places. They are each a crucial component in the telling of the central story and impact on the terrifying and often horrific situation the chief characters eventually find themselves in. This is the story of an attempt to bring about the downfall of an individual, a murder, a false flag operation, and an attack on the very fabric of an established peace-loving society. It’s also a dual love story, of a kind, but for some, complete love is restricted by barriers that can never be breached.

Essentially, it’s a Paul Anthony action-packed thriller featuring Commander William Miller Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit, and it’s based on unique, true, ‘real-life events’, that will shock you to the core. The thimble? Oh yes! The thimble is the spymaster who pushes the spies, just like a thimble.

Buckle up and hold tight.

Reader’s Review: Excellent story, reads like the author lived it, (Paul Tobin Author, poet and Broadcaster)

Reader’s Review: An unusual tale from Paul Anthony, not quite the ‘baddie’ chasing book we’ve become used to. But then the author’s talent lies in an ability to tell a tale whatever the challenge. Some knowledge or research is obvious here. A great story about espionage with a class finish. Most enjoyable. Kennedy Keighley, Reader, screenplay writer and book critic.

Reader’s Review: It”s a good one. Different from the usual, rather frightening in places, but indicative of an ability to continually produce a book that sits well on any reader’s shelf. (Meg Johnston, Reader)

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